Presently the insurance industry faces various challenges – from requiring increasingly complex models and estimations, meeting stricter regulations and assessing company experience to continuously assessing product profitability metrics. We provide our clients with expert actuarial input in Life, General and Health Insurance. Our experience in both developed and emerging markets puts us in the unique position of ensuring our clients’ expectations are met in their operating environment.

Regulatory Reporting
Experience Studies
Product development and pricing
Product strategy
Embedded Value Reporting
Sources of Earnings / Analysis of surplus
Corporate planning


Build model solutions for clients based on various requirements.

  • Building, validating and maintaining centralized actuarial projection models
  • Establishing strong governance frameworks

Regulatory reporting

Ensure compliance with relevant regulatory authority by meeting all the requirements and disclosures under applicable regulations such as Risk Based Capital, Solvency II, and ORSA

  • Liability valuation and capital adequacy testing based on regulations
  • Preparation and compiling of required disclosures for regulatory filings
  • Attribution analysis
  • Sensitivity testing

Experience studies

Analyse historical data and provide insights on portfolio trends and policyholder behavior.

  • Review of actual claims, expense and product experience
  • Managing exposure by continuous monitoring and detailed analysis of claims
  • Recommendations for valuation, pricing and corporate assumptions
  • Establish governance framework for assumptions

Product development and pricing

Assist clients in developing new products within operating framework and target profit margins and projecting expectations in profitability.

  • Pricing of new products with target profitability levels
  • Guidance for product design including underwriting criteria
  • Feasibility study of product design and pricing
  • Periodic profit testing and review and Projections of expected profitability
  • Sensitivity analysis of product profitability

Product strategy

Develop targets in revenue from products to balance revenue, profit and regulatory capital requirements.

  • Analysing periodic product profitability to determine optimal target revenue mix from products
  • Market and competitor analysis for new products and new market entry

Embedded Value Reporting

Development of framework for embedded value reporting, modeling, assumptions and management reporting templates

  • Periodic Embedded Value reporting

Sources of Earnings / Analysis of surplus

Analysing sources of profit and its deviations from assumptions

  • Analysing deviations in; market conditions from expected, actual experience compared to pricing, and management initiatives.
  • Quarterly management reporting on sources of profit

Corporate planning

Using Actuarial techniques to study projections such as net premium income, expected claims, reserve and capital requirements.

  • Quantifying impact of strategies and targets on business plans
  • Sensitivity analysis of business plans to macroeconomic factors
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