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Spark your business transformation

Spark Actuarial works with you to meet your business goals, setting global standards. Uniquely positioned to support all sectors including insurance, banking and finance, Spark’s creative solutions fit your strategies and ignite success.

What we do


Life, health and general insurance

We help with valuation, pricing/product development and experience studies.


Risk Management

Actuaries play a pivotal role by providing essential support to assess, mitigate and monitor risk and implement adequate controls.



Actuaries help banks with credit risk modeling and regulatory reporting.


Financial Reporting

Spark helps companies to smoothly transition to new financial standards

Latest Ideas & News

Spark Actuarial Inc.,USA is incorporated


Managing Participating

Dare to be different!

We are looking for talented individuals:

With a passion for success

Academic training in a quantitative discipline

Commitment towards completion of actuarial exams

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